hello there

Hi there! My name is Hannah and I am PLANT OBSESSED. I live and breathe green, every day tending to and loving my little indoor garden. (Talking to plants helps them to grow, and so does certain music!) My plant obsession began when I was about 15, when I lived in the desert and was addicted to succulents and cacti. My indoor garden collection started in 2017, when I got my first few plants (Monstera Deliciosa, Pitcher Plant, and a Pothos). Ever since then, I have been collecting plants on a very consistent basis. I cannot possibly walk out of a plant store empty handed.. okay I CAN but it is not very fun. Though I don't know much about the scientific names and such of all my plants, I do seem to have a green thumb and am quite good at keeping them alive. And that is what I can do for you as well!