Plant Woes plants lately hate me. I am not joking, all of my favorites are slowly dying or shriveling up beyond recognition. I am DEPRESSED and DEJECTED!!! WHY ME? Why do all my Instagram friends seem to be able to grow plants as though it is the easiest thing in the world, and curing their ailments easily when there are some plants I cannot keep alive for the life of me?

But then again... this is only about 10 plants, the other 115+ of them are doing just as well as they always have. So I have to realize that this is not the norm, and I will survive these days. Maybe I am just being dramatic. Regardless, here is a compilation of all my stressed or dying plants... You're welcome.

Comment below with any suggestions please!

Lemon Lime Maranta - Spider Mites

  • Oy Vey... where to even begin??

  • All the leaves began to curl, as depicted on my snapchat story

  • Eventually more than half the plant was curled

  • I repotted thinking it might be root bound, since there were SO MANY roots at the bottom of the nursery pot, and it had not been repotted in about a year. This did nothing.

  • I asked Instagram for help and the responses I got were...

  • Underwatered- no, the soil was moist!

  • Low light- this plant was in the same light for about a year, not moving at all, and growing regularly. So I knew this wasn't the case.

  • Prayer mantra because night time- no, the leaves do not curl at nighttime, only fold up

  • Pests- not initially seen but...

  • I eventually noticed little spider mites, crawling around, spinning their webs and sucking the life out of my favorite plant (yes I had a favorite)

  • Immediately I put it in quarantine, away from all other plants. I soaked it in water, and even repotted again, removing all the soil from the roots, showering it, and then repotting in fresh, unopened soil. This helped a little, and contributed to getting rid of those mites. I also sprayed a mixture of neem oil and water on it on a regular basis, which also helped.

  • However, I was a little too late. My plant had approximately 6 or 7 branches total, which gave it the full and amazing look it had before. Only ONE branch survived, and not even in great shape. I still love this plant and its one remaining branch, but it is super discouraging to have everyone's favorite plant of mine pretty much die.

  • UPDATE: The last branch died as well. RIP sweet baby.

Philodendron - Dying since I got it

  • I have a philodendron which, every time I water it, at least 2 leaves turn yellow and fall off.

  • When I don't water it, they turn brown and fall off.

  • ?????

  • Why me

  • I put it outside thinking it needs a new environment, and am going to water it very sparingly.

Fiddle Leaf Fig 1 - Never Has Grown

  • So.. I got this GIANT fiddle fig about a year ago, and it was beautiful. It is 2 trees in one pot, and has not grown AN INCH or A LEAF since I got it. Instead, about 1/5 of the leaves have slowly fallen off.

  • It was in a pretty bright area but I am going to move it to an area with even more sun. Sometimes plants just hate certain areas of your home!

Fiddle Leaf Fig 2 - Dying Leaves!

  • This fiddle fig, about a foot tall, actually was in great shape for a while. It was growing new leaves, like 3 per month!!

  • However, I left for a week on vacation and came back to DEATH. It was totally brown and all the leaves fell off. Now it looks like a wand sticking out of some soil, without a single leaf left. But I could not find the courage to throw it away ):

Calathea Freddie & Calathea Medallion - ???

  • These two were so happy together on my TV stand. They would just chill and do their little prayer motions with each other every day for sooo long. They were constantly putting out new leaves and becoming more lush and full. Then..

  • They formed a suicide pact. I swear guys, one day I woke up and they were both shriveled and curled leaves, totally not having it. I assumed root rot, since they definitely weren't under-watered, so I repotted them in some fresh, dry soil after trimming some of the funky looking roots.

  • But alas, they still died. GUYS what am I doing wrong? My calathea are not feeling this summer!

Staghorn Fern - Browning Leaves

  • I don't even know what to do with this one. I got it for $10 which may be why it is not holding up well... but that doesn't make sense! A plant is a plant! It just is brown and sad looking no matter how I water it ): Help!

Succulents - Mealy Bugs and Heat!

  • MEALY BUGS: So I have this situation under control for now, but one succulent got mealy bugs and then like FIVE MORE got them too! I didn't even try to save them, honestly I just trashed them ): It was sad but not worth the risk and effort to save a few succulents.

  • HEAT: So before I moved to my new place, I didn't have a roof on my patio and they just baked in the sun all day long. They are mainly shrively now, and it is kinda sad, but I have a feeling they will recover now in their new home!!

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